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Emergency Dentist Newark NJ

Dental emergencies are conditions that put patients in pain and need of immediate dental care near you in Newark. Toothache, knocked out tooth, fallen tooth restoration and chipped tooth are some common dental emergencies. We treat dental emergency conditions with special care at our Newark dental office. Few steps performed during such situations can have long-term effects on oral health. Our staff responds to such calls quickly and make sure to book an appointment. Our dedication and focus on dental treatment have earned trust in the Newark and Milltown and other surrounding locality.

Dental Emergencies and Dental Care Near You in Newark:

Our restorative care plays a crucial role in dental emergencies. Be it knocked out tooth, chipped tooth or tooth decay, our emergency dentist takes immediate steps to relieve patients from pain. We use pain medicines during the treatment.

Tooth Pain

Tooth decay is one of the prime causes of tooth pain in both adults and children. The bacterial invasion of the tooth results in the formation of caries which can inflame the pulp and cause pain. The decayed part of the tooth should be quickly removed and the tooth should be restored using proper dental materials to make sure that the pulp does not remain exposed to bacteria. If the pulp is infected our dentist performs root canal treatment to remove the pulp and protect the tooth from danger.

Knocked-Out Tooth

The tooth can be knocked out from its position from an accidental injury. The tooth can be saved if it is put back in the socket within one hour. The patient should hold the crown of the avulsed tooth and wash it gently without disturbing the root. The tooth should be put back in the socket or the vestibule and the patient should visit the dentist immediately. If it is not possible the patient can preserve the tooth in a vessel of milk or Hank’s balanced solution and come to our office right away.

Don’t endure the pain! Visit an emergency dentist in Newark NJ to get fast and reliable emergency Dental Care Near You with flexible financing. Contact at 973-482-3866 to get the care just when you need it most.

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