Do You Know How Invisalign Move Your Teeth?

Invisalign treatment is a common treatment that many across the globe have chosen to improve their smiles. Numerous prospective patients actually have queries concerning Invisalign. Metal braces were the only treatment for a long time, but today Invisalign clear aligners are considered as one of the best treatments as it is invisible when used on the teeth and has neither brackets nor wires.

How Does Invisalign Move The Teeth?

We do think that our teeth are being secured in the bone of our jaw, however, the truth is, the teeth are held in position by a shock-absorbing arrangement of periodontal ligaments. This arrangement allows the teeth to move tenderly during eating to cushion the bite and prevent your jaw from breaking. Since the teeth will move very slowly inside the mouth there is some sort of pressure on the teeth in a specific way.

This applied pressure causes bone resorption. Bone resorption is a process in which the osteoclasts - a type of bone cell removes the mineral matrix of the bone and then dissolves the collagen. Thus moving the teeth in the direction of the pressure. This cycle of osteoclasts dissolving bone towards the movement and osteoblasts rebuilding the bone gradually permits the teeth to move, utilizing orthodontic supports.

Most of us already know about Invisalign aligners. They are invisible aligners to enhance smiles. Invisalign aligner braces are likewise sensible in the way they move teeth correspondingly to how braces do. The objective of Invisalign treatment is to move the teeth in a proper position but be informed that this is not an overnight solution.

Do Remember

Keep in mind. Everybody is unique. The rate at which your teeth move into their position relies on multiple elements like the shape of the jaw, state of the gums, genetics and even the diet. There is no particular timetable that can be used for Invisalign. By and large, Invisalign treatment shows results in 12 to 18 months.

Always Choose An Orthodontist!

It is important to have regular visits with your orthodontist (every 6-8 weeks). This is crucial for the success of the Invisalign treatment plan. Choose the right invisalign dentist in Milltown and Newark who can monitor your progress, as well as check on the fittings of the aligners and see whether or not there are any changes or corrections needed.


If you're interested in Invisalign, you can visit your Invisalign dentist in Newark and Milltown. Also, a proven Invisalign dentist Dr. Navneet Rai at SN Family Dental Center will provide customized Invisalign treatment plans for you and your family. Try not to hide your smile any longer! Visit them soon.

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