Facts You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become the most preferred treatment and many people consider it to bring back their lost smiles. A process which enhances your teeth’s natural color is called teeth whitening. There are plenty of dentists who provide teeth whitening services in Newark, Milltown and other surrounding areas.

There are some facts about teeth whitening that one must know before choosing to make their teeth pearly and shiny.

Teeth Stains:

Teeth have pores. They absorb the color of the food. When we consume wine, coffee and even smoke, the colour from the food leaves a stain on the teeth. These stains get darker with time. This stain is removed by applying a gel on the teeth, this gets absorbed into your teeth after which light and heat is passed on the teeth to help the gel enter the pores.

Devices used to remove staining:

Dentists use devices to hold the whitening agent on the teeth. Devices such as custom-fitted whitening trays, boil and bite trays, whitening strips and UV lights are used to get those pearly whites back again.

Temporary Remedies:

Teeth whitening through Blue LED lights provide temporary effects. They just emit blue color but do not cause ultraviolet light frequency effects. Ultraviolet helps to accelerate the whitening gel better. This is FDA regulated and is only used by dentists. Even though this method features quick results it is temporary and the cost is high.

Not an overnight procedure:

No dentist nor any product in the market can give you results overnight. Teeth whitening takes 3 to 4 days and also up to several months to show effects.

Teeth whitening ruled out for caps and veneers:

Teeth whitening cannot be done on caps and veneers, these are already created to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. They do not stain nor whiten.

Requires good care:

Only good care will give you good long-lasting effects. So regular brushing and flossing will help retain the brightness a little longer than expected.

Who shouldn't opt for teeth whitening?

People with gum disease, sensitive teeth, pregnant women, nursing mothers, adolescents with baby teeth shouldn't choose teeth whitening as it is considered unsafe. Fillings, dead teeth and crowns wouldn’t change color even if teeth whitening is done.

Take away:

No matter how deeply stained your teeth is, a dentist will help you remove them. There are many dental offices that provide teeth whitening in Milltown, Newark and other surrounding areas. Get in touch with them today. Get back your dazzling smile today.

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