The Ideal Time to Take Your Child to the Dentist

There is no undivided point of view regarding the ideal age to take a child along to the dentist for a consultation for the first time. Surveys reveal that lack of awareness among parents results in a delay in kids’ visits to a dentist. As per health care providers, parents must take their kids to visit a dentist as they turn four years of age.

However, AAPD recommends carrying them along to a dentist when their first tooth appears. It helps to set a proper dental regimen for the kid’s right from an early age. It also helps in the timely detection of early childhood tooth decay. In our previous blog, we have explained about 5 reasons for visiting a dentist office near you in Newark. To know more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Navneet Rai at SN Family Dental Center, the best kids dentist in Newark.

First Visit At The Dentist Office Near You in Newark:

As per the American Dental Association, parents must take their kids to a dentist as soon as they see the first tooth erupting. Experts recommend no delay in consulting a dentist. It is unnecessary to take the kid to a dentist’s office only when there is a dental issue. A timely visit to a dentist prevents a lot of dental problems because prevention is better than cure.

3 Spot Parents Must Take Their Kids to the Dentist Office Near You in Newark.

  1. Lesions:

    If the parents notice oral lesions, it indicates an ulcer occurring on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Dental lesions are very common in kids, and they can be detected early only when the kids regularly visit the dentist. Timely intervention can prevent the problem from aggravating into periodontal disease or gingivitis.

  2. Bleeding:

    Young kids love munching on sugary delights like candies. It forms a plaque on the gums and teeth, which turns hard with time and builds into tartar. It leads to gingivitis and tooth decay, inflaming gum tissue causing bleeding. The dentist office near you in Newark can spot the problem early and start the treatment or else it can become a serious issue.

  3. White Spots:

    It is important to take your kids to a children’s dentist in Newark if they notice white spots on baby teeth. This problem occurs due to enamel demineralization, when acids from the plaque damage tooth enamel, leaving white spots on its surface. The tooth may show a chalky appearance.


All these issues and problems can be avoided, detected, and treated early only if the parents take their kids to the dentist right from an early age. Search the internet with the keywords: “the best dentist office near me Newark”. From the top results select Dr. Navneet Rai at SN Family Dental Center. Arrange an appointment with Dr. Navneet Rai at SN Family Dental Center and ensure the highest dental health for your child. For more information call us at 973-482-3866 to have a conversation right away.

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