Why Is Dental Care Inevitable and Essential in Old Age?

As you age, quality of life is significantly affected by oral health. Dental caries, tooth loss, periodontitis (gum disease), xerostomia (dry mouth) are some of the diseases usually experienced by older age groups. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 tips for dental care near you in Newark. Read along how dental care is inevitable and essential in old age.

How Is Dental Care in Newark Effective in Old Age?

Dental Care Near Me in Newark among older adults helps prevent toothaches, gum diseases etc. Older people might use several prescribed medications on and off the counter. This makes them vulnerable to medication errors. This is attributed to cognitive impairment, be it physical or sensory. It eventually makes self-oral care challenging.

Possible Dental Issues for the Aged Folks:

Tooth enamel is affected by the plaque build-up and causes tooth cavities. Primary reason for the amplified risk of cavities is due to dry mouth. Your saliva decreases the bacteria inside the mouth and aids in safeguarding the teeth. Certain medications taken by older adults cause dry mouth, hence need to be carefully administered. Periodontitis is a critical gum disease that triggers bleeding gums, soreness and in the end tooth loss. Until disease advances to the next level, you may not experience the symptoms. Hence, senior adult oral care is very important to avoid gum diseases.

Oral Diseases:

Missing or lost teeth prevents you from enjoying the experience of eating food. This impacts your nutrition intake. Though this is very common among older adults it can be prevented by good oral care. There is an immediate connection between oral hygiene and cardiac health. Oral diseases increase the risk of stroke and certain other heart conditions. If you are diabetic, you are prone to dental diseases such as thrush. Inflammation and gum disease develop due to high glucose in saliva that leads to growth of the bacteria in the mouth.

Bacterial Pneumonia Among Older People:

Bacterial pneumonia is common among older adults. Poor oral health increases the risk of such pneumonia. Bacteria can travel to the lungs as one breath. Hence conserving good oral hygiene in older adults is central to steer clear of aspiration pneumonia.

Those individuals who devour or smoke tobacco have the maximum hazard from oral diseases. Oral cancer can be discovered in advance if you stop by your dentist routinely. Dentin (yellow bone like tissue) gets exposed if you consume certain food or beverages that erodes the enamel layer. Change in tooth/teeth colour could be an indication of a severe dental issue and must be consulted with the dentist.


You can gain the required knowledge needed to support older people and their dental health from Dr. Navneet Rai of SN Family Dental Center. The dentist office near you provides preventive dental care in Newark which is commendable and crucial to maintain good oral health. For more information call us at 973-482-3866 and have a conversation right away.

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