Should I Get Invisalign for My Kids? 8 Things Every Parent Should Know

Does your kid have misaligned teeth or teeth which are crooked? Does your child feel embarrassed to smile or talk in public? Well, it's time then to take him/her to a dental specialist. In our previous blog, we have explained how Invisalign in Newark moves the teeth? However, braces are always an option to solve the issue. But currently, Invisalign is considered by parents for their kids.

8 Points Every Parent Must Know About Invisalign in Newark:

  1. It Is Highly Effective:

    Invisalign is as effective as regular braces. It can cure any orthodontic issue like underbite, overbite, and gapped teeth in our dental office in Newark.

  2. Eat Anything:

    What’s more, your kid can have his/her favourite chocolate or popcorn as well. With braces, you will not be able to gorge on those yummy chewable snacks. When you remove the tray, nothing is impossible to eat.

  3. It Is Highly Convenient:

    Yes, Invisalign for kids is very convenient to wear. Unlike braces, your child can easily remove it while brushing and flossing. However, our kids dentist in Newark he/she has to wear it for 22 hours a day. So, this gives them wiggle room without compromising the comfort.

  4. Cleaning of Invisalign Is Easy:

    It’s a breeze to clean Invisalign. While brushing or cleaning your mouth, you can gently brush the aligners as well with a soft brush. However, do not use toothpaste to clean the aligners as they can be abrasive.

  5. You Can Lose Invisalign:

    Even if your kid mistakenly misplaces the tray, no worries. The dentist office near you in Newark can offer you replacement aligners at reasonable rates.

  6. Invisalign Works Well Even if Your Kid Is Into Physical Activities:

    If your kid is into sports, meta wires can be risky. Invisalign doesn’t pose this risk. Also, he/she can wear a mouthguard while playing sports and remove the aligners.

  7. Apt for Multiple Cases:

    With advancement in dental treatment, Invisalign can cure simple to complicated cases. So, reach out for the best dental care near you in Newark.

  8. Invisalign Gives Confidence:

    It's time to boost confidence with Invisalign since your kids will not be caught smiling with metal inside his/her mouth. This is of immense advantage for the small ones.


If you are Invisalign in Newark, reach out to SN Family Dental Center where Dr. Navneet Rai practices. Dr. Navneet Rai is the best kids dentist who provides the best care for your tiny tot. Browse through our website of SN Family Dental Center to discover more details. Dial us at 973-482-3866 to arrange for an appointment right away.

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